The production process in modern factories are getting more complicated  and require a broad range of electrical equipment from instruments, sensors, motor, drive and control equipment to integration of all these product and equipment to form one function.


         Our company business focuses in wide-range of control engineering fields, both domestically and internationally.


         Our business can be divided into two categories. The first is control and automation products supplier. The products we supply include both automation hardware and software. We are distributor of GE, Wago, Honeywell , Fatek and OPC System. In addition, we also provide world class products such as products from Rockwell automation and Siemens. The second category is automation projects and services provider. In this category, we provide our engineering work to our customers. Moreover, we also provide both on-site service and service contract to our customers.        



       We offers a full spectrum of genuinely compatible automation system to the manufacturing and all process industries requires reliable expertise in process know-how and system engineering from a great number of project. These capabilities have been successfully applied in industrial plants in Thailand from design, supply, construction, commissioning, after-sale services, maintenance, up to modify the system


          We are committed to meet the demand of our customer, in that we cover the full spectrum of electrical engineering product, systems and services-with strong competence from engineering through logistics and project management to after-sale support and services.